18 Sep 2020
Insider | 1 min read

Alana AI is one of the startups accelerated by InovAtiva Brasil

Alana AI has just been selected to participate in the acceleration cyc...

14 Sep 2020
Insider | 3 min read

[E-book] Human and Artificial Brains: an essential guide on artificial intelligence

How about learning even more about artificial intelligence with a prac...

10 Sep 2020
Alana News | 3 min read

Family lunch: Alana AI's multicultural team

The organizational culture is an extremely important point for the Ala...

09 Sep 2020
Insider | 7 min read

Regulation of artificial intelligence: a global debate

The artificial intelligence market is evolving rapidly, and with it, t...

04 Sep 2020
Alana News | 3 min read

AIana AI debates Artificial Intelligence for marketing during AI Week

How about learning about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on mark...

31 Aug 2020
Alana News | 3 min read

Happy Hour Chat: the growth of startups and high-performance work

What is a high-performance culture made of? And why do startups like A...

27 Aug 2020
Insider | 9 min read

The importance of the feedback culture for startups and their employees

The feedback culture is crucial for a high-performance team to evolve ...

26 Aug 2020
Insider | 8 min read

[Podcast] The role of Artificial Intelligence in the fight against Covid-19

In the first four episodes of the Inside Alana Podcast,  we explored t...

25 Aug 2020
Insider | 6 min read

How Artificial Intelligence is innovating customer service chatbots

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the Customer Care market. A...

21 Aug 2020
Insider | 10 min read

How to use Artificial Intelligence to improve metrics in e-commerce?

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly present and essential trend...

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