Advantages of the business automation: from commercial to customer relationship:
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Advantages of the business automation: from commercial to customer relationship

In December, the CEO of Alana AI, Marcel Jientara, along with Lucas Lima, head of marketing of  Ploomes, a company that provides CRM sales management…

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In December, the CEO of Alana AI, Marcel Jientara, along with Lucas Lima, head of marketing of  Ploomes, a company that provides CRM sales management system, promoted a Webinar about the  importance of automation  in the business environment and its advantages in different areas such as commercial and customer relationship.

According to Marcel, the workplaces have been using people as robots. Basically, their skills are applied to perform continuous and repetitive tasks, which could be easily executed  with the support of technology, and as a result of that  the human labor would be used in other areas of the business. 

Automation aims to transform certain stages of work that were previously performed manually by human, in areas where technology could be applied. Some advantages of automation in companies are:

 ·       Time optimization;

·         Tasks Standardization;

·         Increase in productivity;

·         Effective and secure management;

·         Reduction in costs.

Check below some topics addressed in this webinar. 

Why we should automate

Although it still seems to be a very common thought among people, automation has not come to completely replace human labor – on the contrary, its purpose is to assist, optimize resources and help employees. What will be needed from the human workforce is a continuous adaptation in order to deal with new areas that may arise as the result of the use of  technology within  the business processes.  

 At the beginning of the automation process, some employees are forced to work along with the process to make sure certain information would not be lost. When a salesperson who does not have an automated process leaves the company, for instance, the company tends to lose a number of customers related to this person, precisely because these customers does not belong to the business, but to the employee.

How to start automation in your company

The basis of any automation is a process to be defined. A plan previously developed is put into practice properly, in a repetitive process, preventing its rupture and any damages to the company – those are some main advantages of automation. Humans are susceptible to commit mistakes, especially when placed in processes that over time can become tiring and boring. 

But, in order to avoid errors, the ideal is to map the tasks performed in the best possible way. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how the tasks are performed, as well as having correct goals and KPIs, so that nothing is lost, keeping the goals are always clear.  

In addition, observing where automation is needed in your company and understanding how to get the best out of the employees when we have automation working at the same time is essential for the workflow to continue effectively. 

Is processes automation any worth?

Although technology is always evolving, it is never worth automating a process in 100%.  Some stages, such as input, output and creation must be maintained. Project managers, copywriters, reviewers and designers, as well as those who take care of the analytics are some of the profiles that will always be needed within companies and that are constantly evolving. 

However, in some cases, such as level 1 after sales, automation is essential. In addition, when there is no automation, even when the company has large accounts, the eventual loss of information is inevitable.

The role of artificial intelligence in automation

The big challenge when it comes to inserting artificial intelligence into automated processes within a company is the integration of processes. Some tasks like predictive and descriptive analytics as well as generation of content language for simple text analysis within organizations are some tasks that can be automated, but as AI does not control the human, it needs data and content to get set up. 

In addition, it is also important to choose high quality products. Although chatbots have some flaws, it is better to use it than to use some service that takes 5 days to solve simple problems. Therefore, it is important to choose chatbots that have an integrated automation portfolio, as Alana Chatbot. When the chatbot works together with other areas, the results are more effective and presents a higher quality. 

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 The importance of the integration 

The integration of the systems is no longer an option, it has become a priority. It does not  make sense to choose a particular tool if it does not integrate with the tools of your main project. 

Alana Integrations is a tool that import and synchronize your branch’s data with the best tools of CRM, customer support, e-commerce and marketing. With more than 1,000 integrated applications and exclusive features, it is the perfect tool to start the integration of all the processes in your  company in a straight-forward and practical way. 

In order to the integration to take place without major problems, it is necessary to understand the central point before deciding what to integrate. Look at the core, where the primary data is, and then choose the program that has the best experience with your projects. 

It is essential to look at the other tools and have them integrated with your central project. When integration is not treated as important, the process can easily get lost. 

Managers must strongly show the importance of integration, so that the teams understand the difficulties of not having an integrated system and this, over time, will be part of a cultural issue of the organization. 

The Webinar was full of information and precious content for the growth and better performance of companies, and you can check it in full here. Having all this knowledge, the automation of your company can start immediately, generating efficiency and standards within the processes, which immediate results in savings time, money and resources.