Customer support in app stores: Is it any worth automating?:
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Customer support in app stores: Is it any worth automating?

Costumers are increasingly aware of what they are buying and downloading on their phones. This requires from stores and applications greater attention to what they…

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Costumers are increasingly aware of what they are buying and downloading on their phones. This requires from stores and applications greater attention to what they provide to their costumers and how they deal with Customer Support today, especially in the digital territory.

 In a survey conducted by Apptentive, it was revealed that 77% of costumers read at least one review about the app in the store, when they were available before downloading a free app, and this number goes up to 80% when it comes to paid apps.

This shows that the testimonials given by costumers in relation to available applications are not there by mere coincidence, and that they do influence the costumer’s decision to proceed or not with the download. 

In addition, a study carried out by Cuponation estimated that, in a list of 10 countries, Brazil is the third that do the most number of downloads of application in the world, which only highlights the importance of bringing personalized customer service so that the testimonials and, consequently, the applications have higher score. 

The role of automation: 

The lack of perception regarding the importance of reviews in app stores is reflected in the few comments that are answered in app stores. However, according to data from Google Play,  users usually increase their grades by +0.7 stars on average, when their comments or questions are addressed.

The verticals that are most attractive to consumers when downloading applications are:

·         Sale and Resale;

·         Retail;

·         Vouchers and discounts;

·         Trips;

·         Health and beauty;

·         Specialized store.

 Having this in mind, it is evident that the good performance of an application in the store is directly linked to the sale of products. Automation is an arm when it comes to helping the growth of your company, obtaining better results and improving some internal processes. 

One point of attention is that, today, the majority of active costumers are Millennials, in addition to Generation Z that comes right afterwards. It is evident that each person has a particularity regarding customer service, but it is important to observe that both generations have as main characteristics: good interaction with technology and the desire for agility when solving problems. 

 Automation comes in, for example, so that your company’s support team is not overwhelmed with another platform when it comes to providing answers. Thus, the service remains personalized and of a high quality, without overloading or poorly serving the costumers, improving the testimonials and scores of the application in the store.

Alana Reply is a solution that accurately assists the companies in its processes. By being able to interact with users automatically and creatively, it impersonates a team member and, in a unique and personalized way, answer questions, receive compliments,  and also listen to criticism.  In addition to that, because it is easy to implement, it is ideal for maintaining the company’s reputation in the app stores, which can influence the user in certain specific sales seasons, such as Customer Day or  Black Friday

Advantages of support automation

Some benefits that influence automation in the customer support:

How to do it in practice

Thanks to artificial intelligence, today it is possible to automate up to 96% of responses in different channels. In this way, while the vast majority of support is done automatically, without the need for human intervention, the team can focus on solving the most difficult and important issues that are left behind. Once the human team joins Artificial Intelligence to work, the problem – or the answer – can be solved in a very short time, improving the response rates of the brands. 

All feedback has outcomes and consequences. It is not only positive comments that build a company, giving due recognition to those who are giving tips in the comments of app stores on how a certain subject can improvement it’s also important. If the volume is too high, this type of comment may get lost, and the company will be famous only for responding to positive comments. It is important to pay attention to all sides – in this way, new customers can be prospected – because they find the approach with negative feedbacks interesting. And such a crucial role can be accomplished through automation performed by a good tool.

Moreover, one of the great differentials of Alana Reply   is the capacity to provide fast and appropriate answers, sounding like a human. By successfully posing as a member of the team, Alana Reply ensures that the costumer  does not feel much difference between the types of communication.

It is estimated  that having a rating of two to three stars in an app can increase the conversion of the app by up to 306%.  Another way to increase the evaluation is to give a bigger attention for feedbacks provided about your app in the store of apps. 

As you have just read, it is already more than proven that it is worth investing in the automation of support in app stores! 

Alana AI is always investing in technologies that can add and improve the performance of our customers, providing the necessary tools for those who need simple and practical automation, but also intelligent and that can aggregate value to your brand.  Book a demo to know more about  Alana Reply and other skills available, and see the results in practice.

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