The importance of the omnichannel customer service:
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The importance of the omnichannel customer service

From the phone to the chat, and not forgetting the social media, with the advancement of technology, it has become vital that brands provide multiple…

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From the phone to the chat, and not forgetting the social media, with the advancement of technology, it has become vital that brands provide multiple service channels and are available to be contacted by their customers 24 hours a day. The idea is that customers would not feel any service disruption while they navigate between the different channels. 

Channels Integration is part of a strategy that aims to increase the focus on customers’ experiences regarding a purchase. According to a report written by Zendesk about trends in customer experience in 2020, it is estimated that a good customer service is responsible for  up to 57% of the customers’ loyalty to their  favorite brands.

What is an omnichannel customer service, by the way?

The Omnichannel customer service aims to integrate all communication channels of the brands in order to deliver a more comprehensive service, resulting in efficient and responsive interactions. Even when customers come from different sources, this type of service helps to meet the needs and demands of your audience.

In order to avoid that the process would become confusing and to avodi the lost of information, it is important to have the entire customer path stored in a single database which is easily accessible, in case an employee needs to locate any of the steps that the customer had been through. This will make the service smoother, once the agent starts addressing the customers issue, knowing in advance the product the customer is looking for, as well as their doubts and problems during the steps of the purchase process. 

In addition, associating data and the omnichannel service with an artificial intelligence tool, such as chatbots, for example, can give the agents more time to anticipate the problems and solve them in a straightforward manner. The use of tools that can assist in the service is becoming extremely common, more precisely because it promotes  practicality and agility in the responses, once the client tries to be assisted as quickly as possible.

By using multiple service channels and maintaining a round process, it is possible to provide a service similar to the one provided by people, that means, a humanized service, which is useful and effective for everyone. 

Why should your branch embrace an omnichannel customer service?

By giving the consumers the power to choose, the brand understands that their opinion is always important and taken into consideration. While there are customers that prefer dealing over the phone, others prefer to chat with someone via WhatsApp or search for the answers they are looking for in the FAQ tab. 

Different profile of customers require a service that adapts to each one of them in a differentiated manner. The omnichannel customer service can amplify the customer base as they would not  find this functionality in the company that generally use.

Companies that have omnichannel services are ahead of the others, as less than 30% of the organizations offer self-service, live chat, exchange of messages through social media, messages in apps or chatbots. 

 Another interesting and beneficial point about the omnichannel customer service is the speed in the responses. By making it possible to solve problems, or at least start the resolution, in a matter of minutes or even seconds, the company stay ahead of its competitors, satisfying its clients, who may become the brand’s advocate.  They are the best marketing of your brand through word of mouth marketing to their friends or acquaintances. 

However, it is important to know where to use an omnichannel customer service. Although, it is very useful in the majority of the cases, it cannot be 100% automated, because some situations exist where a human touch is mandatory. 

In order to reach that, it is important to trust in a  tool that knows how to differentiate when it can and when it cannot solve the problem, so that it can be passed on to an agent if it does not know how to proceed, something that Alana Chatbot was developed to do. 

Alana Chatbot, for instance, was developed to distinguish when you are and when you are not able to solve certain problems, so that it would pass it on to an agent in the case it doesn’t know how to proceed, an essential skill in order to the processes to work properly.

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How to start implementing customer service omnichannel in your company

For the implementation of omnichannel service to be effective, it is important to pay close attention to some points so that the process does not end up getting lost and causing more loss than benefit for the company. 

Maintaining a centralized base is the focus not only on omnichannel service, but in any type of service nowaday, so that all employees are able to have easy access to the entire service history, regardless of which channel it started, and in which ended. 

Constantly updating the knowledge base of the tools used is also another point to be observed, because the replies need to be the best and the most effective. Moreover, issues and problems are in constant evolution and, therefore, to keep a study to renew the responses to the case is of utmost importance. 

In the so-called “Era of Support”, what consumers are looking for is something that can facilitate problems, instead of making them more difficult. 

Implementing omnichannel can be a challenge at first, but it will certainly bring many positive results for those who accept it. Check out how Alana can help your organization serve more channels more effectively and consistently, boosting the services your company offers and making customers more satisfied.