Alana AI expands operations in Latin America

Written by Alana Team
on October 27, 2020

Founded in 2015, Alana AI is opening offices in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Today, the artificial intelligence company already operates in Brazil, USA and United Kingdom.

After achieving the R$10 million mark in sales, offering its proprietary artificial intelligence to large companies such as Coca-Cola, Diageo, Polishop, and Nivea, Alana AI's goal is to generate US$3million in sales in the next 12 months, just in Latin America.




To mark this new phase, sales operations in Latin America will be led by our new strategic headquarters in Puerto Rico and Mexico, with the challenge of consolidating our business in the region. New professionals for these new offices are already being hired.

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Expansion strategy

In order for our tools to meet the specific demands of each market, Alana AI's first focus will be to expand to Spanish-speaking countries and reinforce the quality of technology in Portuguese in Brazil, as explained by Jientara in an interview with Exame.

We want to stand out for offering artificial intelligence of quality in other languages, following local data laws, understanding the entire context of the country, such as slang, for example, without using third-party translation systems.


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The business trajectory

The idea for the creation of Alana came about when Marcel Jientara, who worked in advertising agencies since he was 16 and led high-impact campaigns, realized that there could be a large data collection system to measure the advertising impact of large companies. To lead the technical part of the project, he joined forces with Marcellus Amadeus, who specializes in Computer Neuroscience and machine learning.

In the first two years of the company, the partners focused on data analysis. Everything changed when the startup was selected for an Oracle acceleration program, where the business was transformed into the direction of the conversation. From 2017 onwards, Alana started to be trained to be able to conduct conversations with clients as if it were human. And it succeeded!

On this video, Marcio Kumruian, founder of Netshoes, confuses Alana's responses with human responses, due to the high level of quality and humanization of the interactions generated by the artificial intelligence.

To leverage the startup, in 2017, the founders managed an angel investment of R$400k led by Distrito Ventures. Then, in 2019, they did a seed capital round with two US funds (which are not disclosed), in which they raised US$1million. With the investment, they started to prepare Alana and build the platform to operate in the Spanish language.

Meet Alana AI

Alana is a proprietary artificial intelligence that has skills capable of automating the marketing and customer service departments of its customers, solving customer service challenges and marketing tasks autonomously, and, thus, collaborating so that professionals can focus on strategic activities.

Alana AI has its own data collection system, and our artificial intelligence algorithms have a high precision of NLP (natural language processing) for analysis of subjects and feelings in unstructured data from e-commerce, social networks, and other customer service channels.

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With proprietary and accurate text analysis for advertising and marketing, Alana AI is able, in at least 95% of cases, to identify the context, collect information and respond to users with assertiveness, solving the inefficiency caused by excessive manual work. 

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