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Alana AI will be accelerated by Parallel 18 in Puerto Rico

Written by Marcel Jientara
on October 08, 2019

The Parallel 18 acceleration program elected 42 startups from 10 countrie for the next group, and Alana AI is among them. The program will allow us to bring all the skills of Alana AI to companies in Puerto Rico and the United States, in addition to the continuous expansion of LATAM.

Over the next five months we will be doing a series of content to share details about the Gen7 program, from Parallel 18. Follow our social networks to stay on top of everything.


Aceleradora Parallel 18


Parallel 18 is an accelerator located in Puerto Rico that seeks innovative projects from around the world and helps to expand business in the country and across America. Its acceleration program is highly targeted due to the good opportunity to be in Puerto Rico, which has a good location and relationship with the United States.

Startups from more than 48 countries have already applied for the program, which offers an equity-free investment of $ 40,000 and mentoring for 5 months.

The accelerator seeks to position Puerto Rico as a gateway to global expansion.

Alana AI

Alana AI is a proprietary artificial intelligence that already operates in several brands to guarantee quality of service, improvement in communication with customers and in online marketing actions and growth.

Some of Alana's skills are:

  • Responding to comments on the timeline
  • Generate reports
  • Create and manage posts
  • Create notifications

Our goal during the acceleration period is to show the quality and efficiency of Alana AI in communicating with consumers. We want to expand and take it to more and more countries and make it a key success factor for service and marketing teams.

The first part of the acceleration process starts on 6 November. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the Parallel 18 program.




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