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AIana AI debates Artificial Intelligence for marketing during AI Week

Written by Alana Team
on September 04, 2020

How about learning about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on marketing? Alana AI participated, last Thursday, September 3, in a panel of the online event “AI Week: AI Transforming the World”, organized by Distrito, an independent innovation ecosystem that connects startups, investors, and traditional companies.

The event takes place between August 31 and September 4, bringing together specialists from different areas to discuss how artificial intelligence is transforming businesses in areas such as finance, health, marketing, and retail.

Alana AI's CEO, Marcel Jientara, was the highlight of the panel on the role of artificial intelligence in the transformation of marketing and retail. He participated in a conversation with Danilo Pacagnella, Head of Marketing for Distrito, and Rodrigo Scotti, CEO of Nama.



Check out the main points of the conversation:

How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing consumer experience

According to experts, the application of artificial intelligence tends to radically transform the relationship between brands, consumers, and marketers. To get an idea, it is estimated that the Artificial Intelligence platform market will move $ 9.8 billion by 2022 according to the research consultancy Markets & Markets.

On the panel, Marcel mentioned tools from Alana AI, which offer personalized responses, banners, and emails to customers and can even pose as humans, optimizing service.

“The machine already has the creative capacity to impersonate a human, and this is important because we are able to offer this to the customer without having to write code. Our clients are non-technical professionals who will implement Alana quickly and generate business results”, he contextualized.

Increasing organic engagement with Artificial Intelligence

In a market that increasingly values ​​organic engagement, rather than paid, the quality of interactions between brands and consumers has a direct influence on the results generated by chatbots, for example.

“When you apply AI for marketing, especially for retail, there are great opportunities in non-paid media. Sometimes companies force investment in paid media when there are organic channels that can generate traffic for conversions, such as comments on social networks and smart notifications”, Marcel argued.

Practical results of Artificial Intelligence

Marcel also highlighted cases from Alana AI where the use of Artificial Intelligence was decisive for the success of clients. A client in the fintech market, for example, was able to generate more than 10,000 leads for opening accounts using our tools. E-commerces like Polishop have been leveraging conversion rates with automated interactions with consumers.

The results of Artificial Intelligence are not seen only in Alana AI. According to Marketer vs. Martech Study by Blueshift, 98% of marketers who use Artificial Intelligence and predictive modeling tools report better results.

The cultural challenge of Artificial Intelligence

Implementing artificial intelligence solutions can be especially challenging for organizations that have not yet consolidated a digital and data-driven culture. After all, Artificial Intelligence is powered by integrated data and data-driven teams.

There is also a fear of human teams in relation to automation brought by technology. In order to avoid this, Jientara believes that it is important to reframe the role of human teams, so that they feel responsible for AI within the organization.

“The only way to work with artificial intelligence-based marketing is to allow the machine to actually make decisions, instead of following rules established by the company's technical teams”, he argues.

He believes that we are in the first generation of adoption of artificial intelligence in companies. "We are on the way, but some companies are afraid to invest because they were frustrated with previous technologies that did not work," he adds.

The future of marketing with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence already has a big impact on marketing with the use of descriptive and predictive algorithms that guide product and content recommendations, for example, and help brands to know consumers in depth.

For Marcel, the relationship between brands and people will be increasingly impacted by the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, which may one day even guide the activities of the marketing team.

"The challenge is to stop looking inside the organization because the AI ​​will be so smart that it can start guiding the team," he says.

According to the Blueshift study, 60% of marketers plan to increase the use of Artificial Intelligence in the next year, including 41% of those who already use the technology.

Leverage your team with smart tools

See the full panel on artificial intelligence in marketing and retail here. Do you want to know more about the application of artificial intelligence for sales, marketing, and customer success teams? Check out Alana AI's Customer Care Web series in partnership with Patricia Meirelles, and understand how technology can impact the relationship with the customer.

Finally, if your goal is already to implement smart solutions for your team, get to know Alana AI's tools.



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