[Video] Interview with João Appolinário, founder of Polishop

Written by Alana Team
on July 24, 2020

The second episode of the web series on Customer Care is with João Appolinário, President and Founder of Polishop and Shark, at Shark Tank Brazil.


Appolinário is a reference in innovation, one of the biggest entrepreneurs in Brazil, and even launched the book “Innovating is questioning what already exists”

For him, innovation is based on simplicity, and it is not necessary to create something totally different, or out of the ordinary, the essential thing is to question the way things are done and seek to improve them.

Especially during a period of crisis, like the current one, the biggest challenge is to think of ways to create new opportunities and take care of customers. Among the points mentioned by Appolinário are:

  1. The impact of technology on customer service;
  2. How to deal with customer service during a crisis

Customer Care and Technology

Polishop's customer service is something that draws attention, and João says that, since the company's foundation, the focus has been on serving customers wherever they are. For this reason, Polishop was born as an omnichannel company.


Serving the customer well is not only important at the time of purchase, it is the whole experience process, with a focus on retention, since the cost of acquiring a customer is not something cheap. 

The differential is that Polishop recognizes the importance of the available technologies on the market to make the clients satisfied.  Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technologies in terms of adoption for customer service.

As remembered by Patrícia, Polishop takes care of its consumers so well that it has created a legion of fans of the brand. The positive feedback comes through the photos posted with the products, as shown in the interview, and which generated good laughs.


Customer Care Challenges

Concerning the challenges, Patrícia asked about stories and bad service experiences, about how to deal with such situations, and Appolinário used as an example the current moment, of necessary adaptation to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Even with the call center being considered an essential activity, the company opted to join the home office and offer more security to its employees, and this changed the quality of SAC.

Appolinário recognizes that, although people work hard in the home office, the work profile changes and the company suffered the impact to try to maintain the same service performance.


That is why it is essential to follow basic customer service metrics.

It has been a difficult time, since the volume is immense, but the use of technology, including artificial intelligence, is something that has made a difference, both for team management and for customer service management (SAC).

Social Networks and Service

For Appolinário, customer service also happens through social networks. 

Networks are not only communication tools, they are ways to serve and create proximity with customers. Being aware of what is posted on social networks is an opportunity to understand the pain of consumers.

In closing, Appolinário suggests that entrepreneurs take advantage of this period of crisis to seek rich and interesting content for the business. 

The ideal now is to focus on learning, growing, and studying how technologies, especially artificial intelligence, can help keep Customer Care at a high level.


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