How Artificial Intelligence is innovating customer service chatbots

Written by Alana Team
on August 25, 2020

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the Customer Care market. AI Service chatbots are capable of high levels of customer interaction during their brand relationship journey.

This experience offered is vital for quality customer service, and chatbots achieve what no human is capable of: serving 24 hours simultaneously with an unlimited number of people.

Chatbots are no longer the future of customer service, they are the present. 

The uptake of such tools by companies has increased approximately eight times since 2017, according to the Mobile Time report.imagem_1_eng-min-4

The use of AI technology allows us to reduce customer service time, answer several questions in minutes, and increase team efficiency, from support up to the marketing team. 

Check out how you can benefit from customer service chatbots.

  • What are chatbots and how do they work?;
  • How Alana Chatbot can be part of the team;
  • Benefits of customer service chatbots;
  • Alana Chatbot vs Other Chatbots

What is Chatbot Service?

A chatbot is a program that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions on certain channels, such as websites, social networks, etc. The use of machine learning allows the chatbot service to learn continuously and be able to generate increasingly insightful responses.

It should be fed with information about the company, such as blog materials, product pages, FAQs, brand guides, etc. Any content that helps the program to know the brand is valid. 

Also, this data helps the chatbot to learn the brand's tone of voice.

Alana Chatbot automates all responses with human quality, and goes even further, managing to perform multichannel service and transfer to human service, if necessary.

  1. The customer database is - fortunately - growing a lot;
  2. The service needs to be multichannel (website, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc);
  3. You do not have a service team available 24 hours;
  4. You need scalable technology.

How can chatbot be part of your team?

Alana Chatbot does not replace a human. It will be part of the team, be a co-worker, and help reduce the time people spend doing repetitive tasks, so they can dedicate themselves to strategies with the greatest impact. 

Chatbots are excellent for improving the flow of interaction with customers, but in some specific cases they will still need the care of a human, after all, artificial intelligence chatbots still cannot empathize with humans.

AI exists to help human beings to perform jobs in the best way, not to replace them.


Benefits of Chatbot Services

In addition to the automation benefit, having an artificial intelligence chatbot adds some positive points. Check out the main ones:

Problem-solving is fast for the consumer

Artificial intelligence allows chatbots to solve problems, instead of just answering basic questions. He continuously learns from the materials available, such as the FAQs, and adds knowledge over time.

Alana Chatbot takes into account the context and interactions with humans, rather than the fixed rules of traditional chatbots, which always answer the same things.


24-hour Customer Care

The chatbot service does not sleep and can be available 24 hours a day, every day, including holidays and weekends. 

If the bot is unable to resolve the doubt, it can show the schedules of humans or right on open a request to be resolved later by a human. They are also great for providing links to customer information.


Chatbots learn non-stop

AI is also used so that the chatbot learns continuously, through machine learning techniques, and can understand patterns, similarities, and context. 

 For example, if the chatbot knows the answer to the question "where do I find the price?", It can automatically understand some variations ("how do I find the price?") And add them to its database.


Chatbots are great for marketing

In addition to customer service, chatbots are great assistants for the marketing and sales team. They can proactively conduct content campaigns.

Another way that the chatbot customer service can be used is to collect feedback from the public. Alana Chatbot even manages to analyze items such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), as well as satisfaction rates with a certain product or service.

imagem_6_eng-min (2)

Getting to know the audience

Chatbots are a great way to make the first contact with a lead and to get information to nurture them, such as email.

 AI allows you to know more about who visits the site, after all, it can learn from the information accessed by people, types of words searched, etc.

All of these data are extremely useful for the service and sales team, as they generate analyzes that impact on the improvement of Customer Care processes, in addition to offering potential new products and personalized suggestions.

The chatbot's artificial intelligence segments audiences automatically, with consumer opt-in do consumers.





Alana Chatbot vs Common Chatbots

Here at Alana AI, we use our proprietary artificial intelligence in Portuguese, to leverage Alana Chatbot, which can learn from interactions and improve for future direct conversations with consumers.

Alana Chatbot does not need complicated question and answer trees, as she can do this classification alone and works as an expert, while other chatbots are generalists.

Check out the advantages of Alana Chatbot over traditional chatbots:


According to the Business Insider website,  80% of brands already use or intend to use chatbots in customer service. The company that is not part of this statistic is missing an excellent opportunity to improve processes that are crucial to the brand's health.

Transform your customer service com smart chatbots

Artificial intelligence has changed the way we live, be it personal communication, through personal assistants like Siri, or robots capable of interacting in a personalized and humanized way.

 Chatbots that use AI can assist in both reducing service time and delivering educational materials about the brand, and help create an even more enjoyable and useful customer journey.

And the history of artificial intelligence doesn't stop there. We will certainly see many advances that will be useful for various economic sectors and several other areas, in addition to customer service.

It is worth analyzing if your company can use intelligent customer service chatbots and include them as a strategy so that you don't stand still in time.

Discover Alana Chatbot and how to automate service with a human quality.


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