Cubo Startups, Cielo Mentorship and 100 Startups to Watch: Alana AI’s achievements in the 3rd quarter

Written by Alana Team
on October 16, 2020

The third quarter of 2020 is over and Alana AI has a lot to celebrate. The months have flown by, and we are proud to say that we have had significant achievements on several fronts.

Besides strengthening the service to our customers, improving our AI, and expanding our team, we are consolidating ourselves as a reference startup in artificial intelligence in Brazil.

We entered into important partnerships with players in the startup ecosystem and appeared in a ranking with the most promising startups in the country!

Here are some of our achievements with external partners:

Cielo Mentoring Program

In August, Alana AI was one of the 21 startups selected for Cielo’s Mentoring Program for Startups. The objective of the project is to multiply the entrepreneurial power and contribute to the innovation ecosystem. 

By 2021, leaders of Alana AI will have the support of Cielo's vice presidents and directors, which will help us to further enhance our results.

100 Startups to Watch

We are among the 100 most promising startups in the Brazilian startup’s ecosystem, a ranking created by the magazine Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios, in which more than 1900 companies signed up, which were screened and evaluated by 50 specialists. 

The recognition made us very happy and motivated to grow even more.

Alana AI was highlighted in the marketing category, showing that there is a lot of space to make artificial intelligence focused on marketing to grow in Brazil.

Cubo Startups

We also became part of Cubo Itaú, one of the largest centers of technological entrepreneurship in Latin America. It is an honor to compose this ecosystem, which aims to encourage innovation and the development of new businesses. 

Through the “Cubo”, we have a constant dialogue with several other startups and executives from large companies. This achievement, in addition to recognizing the potential of Alana AI, is a strategic step to consolidate ourselves increasingly in the artificial intelligence market in Brazil.

InovAtiva Brasil

Alana AI was selected to participate in the acceleration cycle of InovAtiva Brasil 2020, a national acceleration program for startups executed by the CERTI Foundation (Reference Centers in Innovative Technologies), with support from entities such as Sebrae, Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness; Ministry of Economy, and Federal Government.

Through the program, Alana AI will participate in rounds of collective and individual mentoring with leaders of large companies, in addition to training on topics such as financial modeling, access to capital, and intellectual property. 

Do you want to know even more about Alana AI and how artificial intelligence can positively impact your business? Follow our social networks and download the e-book Human and Artificial Brain.




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