Black Friday: the challenge of sales volume increase and customer service:
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Black Friday: the challenge of sales volume increase and customer service

Black Friday is the most anticipated large-scale promotion of the year. It is the chance that the consumers have to take advantage of great discounts…

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Black Friday is the most anticipated large-scale promotion of the year. It is the chance that the consumers have to take advantage of great discounts and fulfil their desire of purchasing a much desired product.

Although, officially the Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November, it is highly common for some shops to announce offers throughout the month.

The growth in search for promotions consequently generates more consumption of products, and a higher demand in customer service. Is your company prepared to deal with the sudden increase in sales volume?

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Black Friday: increasing the retail

Black Friday is a traditional event in the United States which takes place on the last Friday of November, right after the Thanksgiving Day, opening the Christmas shopping season.

In Brazil, the first Black Friday took place in 2010 and has gone through significant results since then.

According to Black Friday Global, on Black Friday there is an increase of 819% in sales compared to a normal day in the country. This figure is above the world average rate of 663%. The most purchased items are usually electronic devices, clothing and shoes.

For 2020, a ABComm predicts an increase of 77% compared to the previous year, as a result of an increase in online purchases.

The Federation of Trade of São Paulo (Fecomercio SP) is also optimistic regarding the event this year, and calculates a growth in sales of 3% in the entire month of November.

The trend is that the Black Friday phenomenon will continue to grow, inspiring other promotions, stirring up the e-commerce market.

Sales in November

Besides the Black Friday, there are another two relevant online sales event during this month:

Consumer behavior during Black Friday

The Black Friday Global has developed a report about the behavior of the Brazilian consumer during the Black Friday week, named as Black Week, and the results indicate the following:

  1. 90% of Brazilians know what the Black Friday is
  2.  Brazilians purchase, on average, 3 items
  3.  The average amount spent is R$311,00
  4.  There is a sales peak time between 11:00 and 13:00
  5.  The most purchased items belong to the electronics and clothing categories

Number of  sales per region

Data collected by ClearSale shows that in 2019, the Southeast had the highest revenue. The percentage of orders, per region, was presented as follows:

The cities with the highest sales were São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Curitiba.

The report also points out that the consumers main age group is  between 26 and 35 years old, with 36.7% of orders, and then 36 to 50 years old, with 32.4%.

Challenges in high sales volume

The increase in traffic from online stores is the main effect of great promotions campaigns such as Black Friday, which can lead to delays on product loading, and purchase checkout.

These problems affect the customer experience  and can disturb the purchase conversionthat is the reason why it is extremely important to study the demand of previous years and to adhere to the best technologies to deal with a high volume of sales.

Besides, it is essential to have ways of  customizing the navigation experience  in order to stimulate the purchase, and to show customized promotions according to the costumer preferences.

Another key point is to have effective support channels in order to deal with customer’s queries.

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Intelligent customer service solutions

In order to meet the customer service demand of a large-scale promotion campaign as Black Friday, it is necessary to embrace cutting-edge technology.

A human-only team cannot handle the service demand  with the same agility as the machine.

To carry on a fast and accurate service it is important to have a tool that can interpret data and interact in a humanized way. In this matter artificial intelligence is very much precise.

Alana Reply, for instance, can reply to all customers, in a personalized manner and according to the context of the message.

The main benefits of artificial intelligence in relation to sales and customer service are:

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