Good practices to build a quality customer experience:
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Good practices to build a quality customer experience

The users’ expectations for a competent customer service are no longer the same. It is becoming increasingly important to focus on strategies that improve the…

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The users’ expectations for a competent customer service are no longer the same. It is becoming increasingly important to focus on strategies that improve the  customer experience  so that the customers can achieve the results they expect  when using either a product or a service.

In order to reach such a level of support, it is paramount to develop the best experiences to meet all customers’ expectations and at the same time create support teams able to meet the demands as they gradually grow.   

The key to build a good customer support experience is to consistently measure what works and what doesn’t when it comes to customer support, as well as measuring the quality of the conversations with those customers. In this way, it is possible to identify the areas of improvement and adjustment. 

Nowadays, customer service is not just about interactions when the customer has a question or problem. This interaction started to be built, from the very first contact until the moment your product is purchased. The support to the customer becomes a continuous interaction between the user and the support team. 

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The Service Funnel

The customer support funnel is a model that basically systematizes the entire customer support process. Using this funnel is vital as it allows companies and employees to observe how all stages of customer support work, so that a more assertive strategy is developed, with accurate strategies to understand what can or can not be necessary.

In this way, it is possible to foresee any possible problem and avoid them. The funnel is divided into three parts that are perfectly adaptable according to the needs of the company and how the customer support works.

The proactive customer support aims to prevent the development of new problems. Acting and developing actions before the costumer has any setback, avoiding the need of a possible service. 

At this stage, it is important to provide means and tools so that the customer who is facing problems can solve what he needs on his own. 

Through an interaction with a human, this step aims to offer more personalized support, answering questions, solving specific problems, or meeting customer requests. 

With an accurate funnel, the number of visits that will really need support with a human decreases dramatically. This means that support teams are directed to the most appropriate context at all stages of the customer journey.

Best practices

A set of best practices are necessary so that this process is not wasted and  gradually continues to improve its performance. Such as: 

By enabling teams to measure the quality of customer support provided throughout the process, teams can learn and consistently develop how to provide the best possible service  in every conversation with the customer. Regarding customer service, the answers cannot be variable, they need to keep quality and the consistency, so that all experience is positive.

When offering support before it is requested, or answering the frequently asked questions, you can  prepare your customers  to be able to do the tasks without having to contact your support team for help.

A good customer experience starts directly on the platform. By placing an emphasis on user experience, making integration easy and fast rather than time-consuming or complicated, the customer may end up not even needing support assistance.  

By constantly monitoring the platform, it is possible to identify areas of difficulty or obstacles that customers are facing even before support is requested.

In the customer support world, solutions to problems are not always immediate. At times, it may be needed for more complex support to go through multiple teams within the company, and a rectification may need to be tested and implemented. Having that in mind, even if you are unable to provide a quick solution, the important thing  is to be available and offer quick answers, with updates on how the support process is doing or offering help with other possible problems.

Frequently, more than receiving support, customers want to be able to find answers to their problems by themselves. Placing relevant articles related to the user’s question through personalized and intelligent bots, such as Alana Chatbot, which is 100% customizable according to the tone of your brand’s tone of voice and the kind of person it represents, users can find results and browse frequently asked questions. 

By including these practices during the customer service,  the client will feel important  and, the most important, they will feel heard. They will know that the company is working to solve the problem as quickly as possible and that it is listening and understanding their needs, improving the user experience with their product. 

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The effect of a competent customer service

In recent years, the customer service industry has undergone major changes. Throughout the adaptation process, one thing became clear:  there is neither a single recipe nor approach that suits everyone.  Flexibility is required to constantly adapt to changes requested by users. 

A customer who receives a good customer support will always return. Customer service has been increasingly seen as a promising area for growth and development within companies. It is no longer just an area to solve problems, but today it is focused on Customer Success and Customer Happiness. 

It also cuts down costs dramatically. When solving and anticipating problems, the entire process becomes clear, creating more space to direct the attention to more critical and urgent issues. 

However, although automation has an essential place when it comes to good level of service, especially when combined with good quality tools, it is important to keep balance. Being human in the customer service as well. 

The technology eliminates all manual and onerous work, allowing teams to provide targeted and in-context support to their users at any stage of the customer journey – at the right time, and in the right place.

All these steps make the service experience robust and scalable, providing a clear, well-structured service which generates  positive results. Quality customer service allows the company to win not only its loyal audience, but also potential new customers. In this way, investing in the best available practices certainly will  empower the brand to reach its goals.