Myths and Truths about chatbot you must know:
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Myths and Truths about chatbot you must know

Much has been said about automatized customer service, as it has become increasingly common within companies. Chatbots are an alternative, because  they offer a faster,…

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Much has been said about automatized customer service, as it has become increasingly common within companies. Chatbots are an alternative, because  they offer a faster, agile, 24×7 customer service, enriching and perfecting the customer experience with a high standard  service or product. It is estimated that by 2024, the chatbot market size will exceed $9.4 billion, an increase of almost 30% compared to 2019. However, like any new thing in the market, the use of chatbot can bring some insecurities and uncertainties, and for sure you must have already heard many legends about chatbots and AI. In order to demystify some of the myths related to use of chatbots, we will be addressing  some of the most known between all of them.

Chatbots increase team productivity

Truth! From the moment that chatbots take action to solve problems ranging from the simplest issues such as how to answer frequently asked questions, to the most complex ones, as when to route the customer to a human depending on the situation, the team is able to focus on other issues that demand more urgency and attention. In that way, the whole team stays aligned and doesn’t waste time on simple matters that a chatbot can easily solve. 

 In addition, chatbots are able to collect  data and information about customers who have already been provided with a service. Consequently, if there is a need for any person to take an action during the service, or even if the consumer returns to another type of support, it is possible to pull the history and facilitate the resolution of problems, making it more agile and easy. 

It is impossible to personalize chatbots, and the service is cold and impersonal

Myth! It is natural to think that because the support is provided through a robot, communication will be robotic and repetitive. However, today, in those more advanced chatbots, it is already possible to adapt the tone of voice that the chatbot will use, so that the adopted language is the most natural possible.

 In chatbots which use artificial intelligence, for example, contact is more humanized and the experience more complete. Robots that use this type of technology take advantage of each experience and history to improve the services they perform. That is why it is so important to choose tools that are modern and that are aligned with technology, so that the support is not stuck in the same phrases as always.


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Chatbots will take time to become popular

Myth! Although there is still some resistance to the use of chatbots, users are increasingly open to interact with robots, as long as – of course – they are able to solve and help customers according to their needa. In accordance with the research Chatbot Statistics Cheat sheet, 48% of users do not care if it is a chatbot that is providing support, and 27% would buy a basic product through a robot.

 Of course, it is important to keep balance. The chatbot does not completely replace human work, and there will be certain situations where human intervention is natural. However, this should not negate the fact that chatbots are extremely useful, especially in organizations where the volume of interactions is very high – a situation in which a human would not be able to respond 100% of the comments, would cause a drop in quality and, consequently, in the brand image. 

It is only possible to use chatbots in the customer care

Myth! Although the use of chatbots is more common in the customer service area, it is also possible to use them to increase sales, generate engagement, conduct market research, the possibilities are many. Chatbots are very versatile and easy to be implemented. In this way, whatever context they are used in, they can generate good results for your organization.

All the companies can use chatbots in customer care

Truth! You don’t have to be a big company with a lot of money to use technology in your favor. With the increase in the research, today it is possible to find chatbots which will fit all the sizes of companies, from startups to large corporations. 

 In order to do this, just define the objectives and the size of the operation that will be carried out within the organization. Having the possibility to offer a service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in multiple channels is an opportunity to attract more customers. It is estimated that 35% of users would like to see more companies using chatbots.

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The number of chatbots is increasing due to the growing user demand for a digital experience that is continuously available. Chatbots are evolving faster and faster, reaching a point where interactive AI will become the standard for customer service. 

But for such an investment to generate results, it is important to use a tool that is aligned with the company’s objectives, and always willing to improve and learn from the organization. 

Alana Chatbot has automation with human quality, which, based on the brand’s history and tone of voice, manages to develop complex dialogues in a personalized way in areas such as Customer Service, Engagement and Sales. 

Another differential of the tool is the possibility to connect multiple channels, have unlimited volume and be easy to install. In addition, in one of Alana’s onboarding steps, the company itself is able to define the tone of voice that the chatbot will use. In a few clicks, it is possible to define whether Alana should take more risks in the replies provided, be formal or informal and even use emojis in the responses, all to give a more natural and assertive tone in the communication. Book a demo now to learn more about Alana Chatbot.