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AI and push notifications: a powerful combination:
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AI and push notifications: a powerful combination

You pick up the phone, see several notifications, choose which one you want to open, read it and put the phone back in its place.…

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You pick up the phone, see several notifications, choose which one you want to open, read it and put the phone back in its place. This simple and almost automatic movement performed by anyone with a smartphone is caused by something called push notifications.

It is a notification that a user receives, coming from a website or app, whose purpose is to provide information about updates, news or other subjects. In English, the word push means a vigorous effort to do or obtain something. That means, it would be something like literally pushing a user to get something or some information. 

It was first used in the late 90s, by PointCast Network, the first to come up with something similar. The company launched a program that sent free news to users. However, as the internet was still not so popular at that time, the idea ended up not having the expected results and being put aside.

Since then, a lot has changed and push notifications have become true allies of digital marketing. They can positively (or negatively) influence a user’s decision at the time of purchase, for example.

How AI influences this process

Despite being great collaborators in digital marketing strategies, push notifications are not liked by everyone, as having your phone full of notifications all the time is not necessarily a good thing. 

 It is when artificial intelligence start to work. By identifying where the users opened the message, when, and what content they are most interested in, for example. A more assertive setting is created for those customers and the more they click on those notifications, the more information is absorbed and the more personalized the content will be. 

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When developing personalized and relevant communication, according to the expectations and needs of each user, notifications are no longer an inconvenience.  A differentiated and intelligent communication is essential when building a strong and lasting relationship with this user.

In the episode 01 of the Web Series Customer Care = Human + Technology, Alana’s Ambassador, Patricia Meirelles, along with the CEO of Netshoes, Marcio Kumruian, addresses the importance of loyalty and humanized service to clients.

According to a survey  carried out with more than 2200 customers around the world, 63% of the respondents had confirmed that they felt uncomfortable with the outdated strategy of  some brands of overloading them with repeated messages aiming to reach the sales.  Besides that, this same survey found that 78% of clients will only engage with a coupon or promotion if they are directly linked to interactions previously carried out by them with the brand. 

Think of yourself as a customer. How many times have you given up on a shopping cart on a particular website, but when you received that notification “hey, come back here and get a discount!” thought twice and completed the purchase? 

The differences between SMS and Push Notification:

Although they are very similar, push notifications have some differences when compared to SMS messages.  Learn some of them and do not get mixed up anymore.

Types of Push Notifications:

The two main types of push notification are via website and via mobile phone. The first is the one that appears when you enter a website, or when you want to leave it, for example. The second, however, appears through the action of the client in the brand application. Inside these categories, we find other sources of push notifications, and the possibilities are infinite. Learn some more:

How AI and push notifications can help your business:

The benefits for brands when using the combo artificial intelligence + push notifications are endless. They can increase customer participation and loyalty only because they bring a humanized marketing, improves direct communication between brand and consumer, and reminds them that the application is still there. Unlike emails, notifications will not stop at a spam box and are more likely to be seen. 

For users, there are also many advantages. In addition to finding out about products that they probably didn’t even know existed, having discounts and promotions, they can also access information quickly and conveniently. 

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Alana Notifications

For an assertive and intelligent communication between brands and costumers, a good tool is essential. Alana Notifications allows a true transformation in the way that the notifications are delivered. It will allow your site and app to work with artificial intelligence to perform automatic personalization and continuously learn from  your customers and the way that they communicate with your brand.

 With several notification formats, A / B testing to optimize results, automatic generation of texts and offers and an automatic audience segmentation, Alana Notifications is the perfect tool to leverage results. 

As it is a plug and play tool, it can be implemented in from an hour or even to a  few weeks and start to work without the need for any interaction from the technical team. Companies like Saraiva and Loja Record TV have already guaranteed this personalized communication for their brands.
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