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[Video] Interview with Marcio Kumruian, founder and CEO of Netshoes:
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[Video] Interview with Marcio Kumruian, founder and CEO of Netshoes

Customer service is a key success factor for a business and, thinking about it, we created a special web series to talk about how innovation…

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Customer service is a key success factor for a business and, thinking about it, we created a special web series to talk about how innovation and technology can help.

Alana AI’s ambassador, Patrícia Meirelles,  is the interviewer and the first chat is with Marcio Kumruian, founder and CEO of Netshoes. Márcio is a reference entrepreneur in the e-commerce market and spoke about the impact of technology on business and customer care.

How to care for the volume of care?

Netshoes dispatches, on average, 50 thousand orders daily, and this demands a high standard of customer service. For Marcio, the ideal is to have two ways to answer: manual and automatic.

He advises that companies with low volume use manual, humane assistance to understand what is happening on the other end of the line, what the customer needs, possible problems, etc.

As the volume increases, it is important to ensure that the service does not become a mess, since there are several communication entry points (social networks, website, app, procon, etc.).

All of these contact possibilities make Customer Care difficult, and it is crucial to centralize and implement a tool capable of serving in various channels (omnichannel) but in partnership with humans.

Customer Loyalty

For Márcio, the care with the consumer is the biggest impact that e-commerce can have, as this brings positive results for sales. A satisfied person is more likely to buy again and ensuring that happiness can be simple: delivering what is promised.

Another essential point is to provide excellent service every time the consumer returns, not just the first purchase. This is known as recurrence and is an indicator of success.

Technology and Customer Care

The technology is present on several fronts of e-commerce companies, whether to offer products, such as recommendation systems or to send automatic emails and optimize marketing campaigns.

In customer service, Marcio believes that the most important thing is, first, to understand the reason why the contact is done. In this way, it is possible to determine which technologies can solve problems.

He also mentions that bots are a great way to answer consumers’ main doubts, as they learn quickly and can be filled with information easily.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has reached an excellent level of humanization, and customer service is often done by artificial intelligence and we don’t even notice it.

To prove this, Patrícia made a joke in which Marcio had to guess if the responses on social networks were made by a human or by an AI. The result was fun and interesting to see how artificial intelligence can interact precisely and with a human quality.


Marcio believes that leadership makes a lot of difference and has an impact on the business, since the team mirrors who is in charge. His advice is that each entrepreneur understands his role as a leader and that, despite the difficulties, faces challenges with high energy and responsibility.

We can conclude that humanized interactions are key to success for Customer Care, and this can be done by humans, or better still, by combining humans and artificial intelligence technology.