Alana AI promotes Virtual Happy Hour for its team!

Written by Alana Team
on May 19, 2020

Here at Alana AI, we are developing several human resources initiatives, aiming to encourage integration between the team and managers to encourage everyone's evolution, ensuring that we maintain the quality of the projects and have greater happiness at work.

At first, I thought it was another one of those personnel department actions of traditional companies. With that speech of talent retention, human capital development, performance evaluations, best practices for a recruitment process, and things like that...

But recently, besides a free luncheon via delivery applications, First, we were surprised by the announcement in our Slack (online communication tool), which started to generate a lot of curiosity about how this meeting would be. One day before the meeting, we received drinks - related to the taste of each one - that arrived directly in our homes. When the big day arrived, we were all gathered there, participating with our cameras on and of course, with the drinks we received.

There was an option for all tastes. I choose craft beer 😉🍻

   cerveja colorado e caneca garrafa de vinho grand theatre garrafa de cerveja madalena

In addition to all the conversations on the most diverse subjects, not necessarily work-related, our CEO Marcel Jientara started with a surprise award for two members who were the highlights of the first quarter. It was super special not only to see them so happy for the recognition but also to feel that the rest of the team celebrated together.

The only spoiler we had when we received the invitation for this virtual event was the #AskMeAnything session with our CEO. At first, I couldn't imagine what it would be like, but I ended up thinking about some questions to ask.

I confess that this tag was one of my favorite moments of all this action because it generated a very natural approach between the team and the founder. In addition to being transparent about several issues, it made it very clear how the company's work culture reflects in our daily lives here. We were able to learn more about how Alana AI came about, all of its personal and professional trajectories, what her future goals are, and even some funny curiosities that resulted in a lot of laughs between sips. This all made me feel more part of the team and realize how my work has a real impact on the entire journey of the company.

As we have a strong home office culture, there were people from other areas that I only knew from Slack's profile photo. The meeting was very good to shorten that distance and get to know each other better, this time “in person”. It was amazing to know the number of trained and outgoing people who work in the same company as me, coming from different parts of Brazil and the world.

Foto de um hangout com o time da Brasil

Working in global technology and Artificial Intelligence startup allows us to have a more informal culture and environment. With this, it is essential to promote actions like this, ensuring that our team is happy to wear the shirt when delivering in a creative and impactful way. Not to mention the other benefits at work that I haven't even mentioned yet, such as a shared library, consultation / psychological assistance reimbursement, and even meditation application plans to help during this period of isolation due to the pandemic. With this, Alana AI helps us to have greater well-being and the best conditions for each one to give their best and feel as being in one of the best startups to work for.

We already have an appointment for all Happy Hours this year, and the next #AskMeAnything session will be with Marcellus Amadeus, CTO of Alana AI. I'm looking forward to it and already thinking about the next questions I might ask. I only have two certainties about the next meeting: the laughter and the drink I will choose. 😜


personagens escrevendo


Assinatura de Andreza Azevedo - Marketing Assistant


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