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Happy Hour Chat: the growth of startups and high-performance work:
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Happy Hour Chat: the growth of startups and high-performance work

What is a high-performance culture made of? And why do startups like Alana AI have a strong results-oriented culture? This was the subject of our…

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What is a high-performance culture made of? And why do startups like Alana AI have a strong results-oriented culture? This was the subject of our last happy hour, last Friday, the 28th.

Every month, we bring our team together for a moment of relaxation in a virtual happy hour format, to meet the new members of the team, recognize outstanding employees and have an open dialogue with our leaders.

At the last meeting, the subject of the time was the growth model of startups and their impacts on the work culture and growth of employees.

Marcel Jientara, CEO and founder of Alana AI, began by describing the concept of startups, which are businesses with a technological base and high risk, but also with high growth potential. “We chose not to make just one startup, but a high impact startup,” he said.

During the conversation, the founders also explained the concept of Blitzscaling, a management model adopted by high-growth startups like Alana AI. The term is a mixture of German (blitz = lightning) and English (Scaling).

This management model was created by LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman and adopted by global giants that were once startups, such as Waze, Netflix, Airbnb and Amazon. Blitzscaling preaches the boosting of a startup’s revenue and market value exponentially, in a short period of time.

According to this concept, which inspires the management of Alana AI, it is necessary to achieve growth rates well above the average to consolidate in segments with high growth potential.

“The idea of ​​Blitzscaling does not share the traditional idea of ​​gaining market share, but argues that there will only be one leader company per segment and that the winning company will have the majority of the market,” explained Jientara to the team.

Following this logic, startups need to grow much above average, doubling or tripling their growth annually, or even in less time, to consolidate themselves as leaders in their fields. “In this model, growing 15% is not enough for the startup, but perhaps it would be satisfactory for another company,” he argued.


Work culture: combining learning and high performance

This context of high growth means that Alana AI teams are guided by constant learning and the search for results. “People’s autonomy and performance are the key to our growth”, Marcel explains.

In happy hours, the founder also recognizes the work of employees who recently joined the team, but who have already shown high commitment and performance in their deliveries. The highlight of the last meeting was Vivan Panzenhagen, Customer Success Manager at Alana.

She believes that what contributes to the better execution of her work at Alana AI is the collaborative atmosphere and transparency with the leaders. “I am very grateful that we have a very transparent environment to work in,” she said.

Our culture seeks to value the sense of problem solving, the autonomy and the development of the teams and each one, individually. With that in mind, we list some benefits of working at a startup and practices that we seek to encourage at Alana:

In addition, we seek to encourage a culture of continuous feedback and support our collaborators in various formats – either by encouraging the practice of meditation or by encouraging them to have more moments with the family, despite the busy routine.

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