Happy Hour: Connections & News with our CEO:
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Happy Hour: Connections & News with our CEO

A moment that is already much awaited by the employees of Alana AI is our Happy Hour. Any initiative that companies promote aiming to provide…

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A moment that is already much awaited by the employees of Alana AI is our Happy Hour. Any initiative that companies promote aiming to provide a better interaction between all to bring their areas and departments closer can always bring greater relaxation to day-to-day work. These actions are essential to break the barrier that we should only talk about working with our managers and teammates. It is also a great time to speak with our CEO and get a more comprehensive perspective on the company. And that is what we value here at Alana AI.

Periodically, we promoted a virtual Happy Hour, with the right to drinks for all tastes and offered through a voucher via the delivery app. In addition to promoting the interaction of the entire Brazilian team, we took advantage of this space to meet its new employees.

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The last meeting in this format took place on March 12. With the presence of our CEO, Marcel Jientara, we discussed some significant points about some areas of Alana AI, such as the prospects for future investments, the goals for the following quarters, the launch of our new Internship Program, the award for the highlights of the quarter and more.

The first topic of our event was the award for the three employees who stood out in the first quarter of 2021, which were: Julia Albrecht (Culture Manager), Paulo Branco (AI Research Engineer), and Viviane Maranhão (Tech Lead).

Marcel illustrated the award by discussing the importance of valuing cultural alignment when hiring new employees for all areas. Because with the company’s evolution, we could also notice the development of each one, proving that these employees are in the right place and will continue to accompany the company’s accelerated growth.

Marcel also spoke about Alana’s fingerprint in the market. Although it is still a very young company, it has been conquering its space and attracting large companies’ attention since its foundation.

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The company’s accelerated growth and performance generated great news that we will soon share here on our channels. Despite all the challenges that any company can face, Marcel commented: “I believe that, with the Brazil team that Alana has today, we can grow much more and occupy more space in the market. We made big decisions about the company’s future, as I believe in the potential that we all have here to become a great artificial intelligence company on the world stage”.

After this conversation about the future, the subject was the present. We promoted the integration of Alana’s new interns, a program that the company has not carried out since 2018. It was an achievement not only for the company but also for our Culture team that implemented it with great success.

Ps: I’m one of the interns and the person who is writing this article that you are reading 😉

Alana’s organizational culture is geared towards high performance, and for that to happen, the team must be engaged together with the company. Because we are distant, this connection without face-to-face reinforcement is more complicated. That is why we promote this type of interaction among all employees. We always seek to encourage dialogue, relaxation without losing focus, and each one’s professional and personal evolution.

In addition to Happy hour, we also have other actions that promote our team’s engagement, such as the “Family lunch,” where all employees can order a meal at home and take pictures showing their family and the meal they have chosen.

Now that you know a little more about our organizational culture, how about learning more about our artificial intelligence solutions?

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