Ep01 | How is the remote recruitment process of interns at Alana AI [Interning at an AI company]:
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Ep01 | How is the remote recruitment process of interns at Alana AI [Interning at an AI company]

In this first episode of the series [Interning at an AI company], we’ll talk about the remote recruitment process and how it offers opportunities for…

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In this first episode of the series [Interning at an AI company], we’ll talk about the remote recruitment process and how it offers opportunities for any young talent to apply.

Recently, after a break, Alana AI again hired undergraduate students for its internship program. The internship is a significant milestone for any student’s professional life, as it is one of the first opportunities to put into practice what is being learned in college. Thus, recruitment interviews are essential to know the company and check if it meets the student’s expectations and interests.

Under the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have had to adapt all their processes, including the recruitment process. The face-to-face type of interview, a classic for the recruitment process, had quickly to be replaced by a remote interview, which caused some strangeness at the beginning, on both parts: companies and candidates. 

The strangeness maybe even more significant for candidates for internship vacancies looking for their first job market experiences. However, here at Alana AI, we were already accustomed to this type of recruitment since we brought from our foundation a well-structured culture of remote work. In this way, we built a consolidated recruitment process for trainees that provides security to candidates and serves the company’s interests.

But learning is daily and continuous, and how not to make the process impersonal and maintain quality when it comes to the hiring experience are some challenges that we show how to overcome.

How it works

Even in the pre-pandemic period, the admission process begins with the candidate’s registration. Our internship vacancies are advertised through CIEE and available on our LinkedIn page, on Trampos, and on our portal for engineering and technology professionals. Always keep an eye on it!

After a thorough analysis of the CVs and vacancies available by the Culture team, which is responsible for Talent Acquisition, the conversation between the recruiter and the candidate is initiated to determine if both parties are interested in continuing the process. Even before the interview, this initial conversation is of paramount importance. Everyone is aware of how the stages will occur and that it is, above all, an aggregating experience.

From there, the interview is scheduled. The responsible human resources team will contact you to arrange a date and time that are most appropriate for the candidate.

One of the main tools used by Alana AI to carry out this chat is Google Meet. Through a link that only the recruiter and the candidate will have access to, both enter a room to talk about the intern vacancy and ask questions about its culture and expectations from those applying. It is a typical exchange of expectations and experiences between both parties.

The process may vary slightly depending on the profile of the internship vacancy. When we talk about vacancies for the technical team involving programming students, for example, before this conversation about cultural alignment, we carry out technical skill tests specific to the function performed. After all, this is the first filter for a company that develops highly complex technology.

The tip for candidates and recruiters at this stage is valuable but straightforward:


Ask everything you need and everything you think is essential to know so that no information is lost and so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding.

The interview ended, and only afterward did you remember any questions? Ask! The recruiting team will be on hand to help answer any questions you may have during the process. The candidate and the recruiter must be aligned with the recruitment process.

If it is necessary to bring something extra to the interview, such as a presentation or a test, the company will notify you in advance so that no one is caught off guard. The idea is to make this process as smooth and inclusive as possible and not the other way around.

These are already tough times, and an internship interview alone is not easy. In Alana AI’s culture, giving the best experience possible is extremely valuable even for those still applying.

Based on the quality of the conversation and the match between vacancy and candidate, one of the following steps can be a virtual conversation between the coordinators of the position or members of Alana AI.

Even if the scenario is not optimistic for the candidate, we will always provide feedback on the continuity or not of the process. The culture of feedback is very significant for the company.

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Tips for candidates

We know that, for many, it may be the first time that they are going through a recruitment process and that it can be confusing and scary at first, even more remotely.

Therefore, we have separated some essential tips that can help you. Check out:

Onboarding for the Alana AI team

Organizational culture is essential for us, so if everything goes well and the candidate accepts the proposal to join Alana AI, our culture team will contact you to start the Onboarding process.

That way, nobody will be lost with the tasks, with the squad to which they will be part of its culture. It will be a week full of learning and knowledge, engaging and getting to know closely with whom and how you will work.

One of the highlights of working at Alana AI is contacting people from the north to the south of the country and others abroad. Plurality is a differential in the company, and we are constantly working to keep this team together. Thus, even if the candidate is not from São Paulo, where our office is located, he can apply and enter the process if he is within the profile of the vacancy available.

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Benefits of remote interviews

One of the most significant advantages of remote interviews during a pandemic is the flexibility to carry out this recruitment process at a distance, giving greater security to everyone who works at the company. But not only in extreme cases like the one we are experiencing, but this format can also be helpful. In situations such as a change of office, lack of energy, or any other type of similar problem, common in everyday life, remote interviewing is a great alternative.

Also, a company that values ​​the interviewee’s comfort is always well regarded. It may be that the candidate lives far away, and that is a negative factor for both parties, and with a remote interview, this is no longer a problem. The saving of resources is also a positive point. There is no need to rent rooms, remodel the entire schedule to receive the candidate, and not have all the managers present. This remote process can be recorded and presented later to the appropriate professionals responsible for that sector or the entire company.

Technology and its multiple facets have been increasingly used in the corporate world, and online interviews have become one of the trends in recruitment. With the pandemic, it was necessary to remove the prejudice that only good professionals are hired if the interview is conducted in person. Thus, the realization of online processes is here to stay, as it is simple, easy to apply due to its low cost, and generates good results.

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