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What I learned about Artificial Intelligence from chatting with our CTO:
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What I learned about Artificial Intelligence from chatting with our CTO

Over the past few months, Alana AI has done some actions to bring employees closer and share knowledge, such as the Virtual Happy Hour and the Special Family…

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Over the past few months, Alana AI has done some actions to bring employees closer and share knowledge, such as the Virtual Happy Hour and the Special Family Lunch.

This time, we had a fun chat with Alana AI’s CTO, Marcellus Amadeus, and it was amazing to see the knowledge of who runs the entire development of artificial intelligence technology.

It was clear to me that the #AskMeAnything action is not only for employee integration, it also reinforces online communication, which is one of the coolest things in the startup culture that Alana AI provides, which I find as innovative as the technology itself offered.

And what is the work culture like at Alana AI?

When the pandemic emerged and the quarantine took over our lives, we were already prepared for the possible challenges of the home office, since this practice is part of our culture and most of us work from home most of the time and only attend the office when necessary.

Of course there are some negative points like some horns, barks and meows, but nothing compared to the positive side of becoming a more organized, independent, attentive and questioning professional.

The beginning of the virtual happy hours was something natural and came at a great time, due to the social distancing. Besides an out-of-hours contact with the team, these events allow contact with other managers and areas.

#AskMeAnything with Marcellus Amadeus

The first session – with our CEO Marcel Jientara – had already been excellent and full of curiosities about the history of Alana AI and visions about the company. This time, we learned even more about what artificial intelligence is and how versatile the professional who works in this area needs to be.

As Marcellus is one of the company’s founders and a key player in the evolution of technology, his vision of the business is broad and full of innovative ideas. It has been 6 years dedicated to improving Alana AI and its skills, and he confided that one of his dreams is to have a team dedicated to research in artificial intelligence, which is a complex area of ​​study.

The exchange of knowledge

Most of the questions for the CTO were related to how the technology works and the programming behind it all, but without going into code details (otherwise most of us wouldn’t understand the technical complexity).

Marcellus explained that it is something that is constantly evolving, so he always seeks to update himself and study the themes. To work with artificial intelligence it is essential to have broad knowledge on different topics, but that complement each other:

No wonder he is always taking courses in the area and constantly seeking learning.

In fact, his last specialization was at Stanford College, in Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, an area of ​​studies focused on information modeling that is crucial for AI.

I learned what Natural Language Processing is

This method is known in Portuguese as “Processamento de Linguagem Natural” and is the technology that allows artificial intelligence to interpret human language.

NLP systems are able to process information and interpret the context of a message, the text, feelings and meanings of words. Siri, for example, uses the NLP system to learn and interact with iPhone owners.

It is an extremely complex and equally essential area for artificial intelligence to function in a humanized, rather than robotic, way.

There’s nothing like having a CTO who is passionate about the topic and who keeps up to date on something so difficult. I, in particular, would take a new life to learn as much as he does about artificial intelligence.

My conclusions about #AskMeAnything

I realized that what I know about artificial intelligence is the tip of the iceberg and there are many more things that involve the creation of excellent technology. The ideal AI does not respond mechanically, it analyzes and understands before interacting.

And guess what! To create a high quality AI, it is only possible with a team with a lot of preparation and led by someone with vast knowledge in the subject. In this regard, we are very well, because Marcellus really knows things that I didn’t even know existed.

For those who want to hear Marcellus talk a little more about artificial intelligence, listen to the Inside Alana Podcast.

I still don’t know who will be the next to share knowledge with us, but I’m already eager to think about questions and exchange figurines with the team. This experience has been great, thanks to the happy hour, and satisfying for the knowledge acquired.

Now I know who to look for when I have any doubt about what artificial intelligence is.