[Podcast] AI & Humans for Health

Written by Alana Team
on October 09, 2020

Have you ever thought that artificial intelligence technologies for health are already in the daily lives of many people? Products that monitor heartbeat, such as smartwatches, for example, use AI to generate information. And what other functions has AI performed to help humans for health?

In the first episode of the second season of the Inside Alana Podcast, André Calvente, Marketing Manager, and Marcel Rosa, Head of Design, both from Alana AI, comment on how the healthcare market is being revolutionized by artificial intelligence.

Technology companies involved in healthcare

According to a study by Zion Market Research, carried out before the pandemic, the digital health market will move US $423 billion globally by 2024.

The companies that work with data processing and artificial intelligence in health have very different profiles, from hospitals and traditional insurance companies to large technology companies and specialized startups.

The giants Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple are examples of corporations that are already investing in the sector. For example, Amazon acquired Pill Pack, an AI startup that developed a tool that helps pharmacists prepare, dose, and distribute drugs to patients.

Innovation in health

The use of artificial intelligence seeks to innovate the patient's journey, and in this respect, technology companies have much to add, since they usually have a consumer-centered approach.

Also, it is increasingly common to create intelligent robots capable of analyzing preoperative evaluations to guide the doctor's movements during surgery, which can decrease up to 20% in a patient's hospital stay.

Use of data in the sector

The main challenge in the health area is about the use of data, since a good part of the data related to health, such as biometric data, health history, use of medicines, among others, are information considered sensitive and protected by laws that regulate the data usage, such as LGPD and GDPR.

The challenge in this regard is to find ways to scale the technology and, at the same time, respect the patient's privacy.

Artificial Intelligence and Covid-19 in Brazil

For those who want to know even more about the application of artificial intelligence in health, in the fifth episode of the first season, our CTO Marcellus Amadeus talks to Dr. Alexandre Chiavegatto, coordinator of the IACOV-BR, network, who develops machine learning algorithms for diagnosis and prognosis Covid-19 in the country.

Check also the other episodes of the second season of the Inside Alana Podcast, and understand how different sectors are using artificial intelligence as an ally of the human work of the consumer journey.



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