[Podcast] AI & Humans for Education

Written by Alana Team
on October 19, 2020

Education is the right of every citizen, and this sector is fundamental for the development of individuals and society as a whole. Artificial intelligence can be a collaborator in the evolution of this area, and, therefore, in the new episode of the Inside Alana Podcast, we talk about how AI has transformed the experience of students and teachers.

In episode #08 of the Inside Alana Podcast, we talked about how AI has transformed the experience of students and teachers.


The learning process is highly relational, that is, human interactions count for a lot. On the other hand, there is a movement in the market that studies the use of data to improve the student's journey, boost digitalization and distance learning, practices that were accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The term long-life learning, which is a persons' need to study throughout their life, keeping up to date, is also mentioned. Therefore, technology is an ally to innovate channels and study methods.

The trend is that learning's journey becomes more and more technological each day. Check the main points of the episode about Artificial Intelligence & Humans for Education.

Adaptive learning platforms

Artificial intelligence has been used in the creation of intelligent systems that capture information about students and can personalize the learning process through content tracks and customized exercises. All according to the interests and individual performance of each student.

Such systems are known as “adaptive learning platforms”, and help teachers in the process of adapting content.

Edtechs and the innovation of education

Edtechs are companies that invest in technology for the education sector, and many startups are part of this scenario. 

The Brazilian Geekie One is a great example of a virtual platform for students to access activities indicated by teachers, to be able to monitor their own performance and classify the content according to the degree of difficulty. The system is already used by several public schools and by Sesi.

In the United States, AltSchool uses an adaptive teaching platform for each student. Through machine learning, they indicate a kind of list of classes, texts, and tests based on the student's preferences and difficulties.

Artificial Intelligence as an assistant professor

Technology does not dispense with the need for a teacher! What changes with the help of AI is that the teacher evolves from ‘the owner of knowledge’ to a mediator and curator. His role becomes responsible for planning the classes, organizing individual dynamics, group activities, and understanding the needs and profiles of the students. 

Machines are not able to understand emotions or deal with subjective issues, for example, since they have limitations in the interpretation of human language. On the other hand, they can help to solve some bottlenecks in the sector, such as a shortage of professionals in the area and optimization of the time to correct tests.

Risks of AI to education

The main risk of increasing adherence to online education is digital exclusion since many people in Brazil still do not have access to the internet or sufficient data package to do so. Another challenge is the training of teachers trained to use AI to their advantage and improve results in the classroom and distance education.

On the other hand, if the challenges are resolved, or at least alleviated, AI can bring many benefits, such as accessibility for people with disabilities. One example is the startup Hand Talk, which uses artificial intelligence to translate Portuguese into the Brazilian sign language (LIBRAS).

Human and machine learning 

The process of personalizing education with AI will happen at the most diverse educational levels. 

The goal is for technology and education companies to collaborate to analyze data, as permitted by regulations, and thus learn more about how humans learn. 

By understanding how a human learns, teaching methods can be improved and, even, auxiliary technologies that use artificial intelligence become subject to evolution. We also talked about this evolution in the text about the influence of biology on artificial intelligence.

Check out the second full season of the Inside Alana Podcast and discover how different sectors are using artificial intelligence as an ally of human work, as well as the impact of this technology on the consumer journey and business.




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