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Written by Alana Team
on August 14, 2020

Artificial intelligence is intriguing and inspires many works of science fiction for literature and cinema. In addition to the various official studies on the topic, which is constantly evolving, always looking to develop machines that think like humans. 

We have listed some works that are a great source of information on artificial intelligence. They are books, podcasts and films for you to learn about the subject in an uncomplicated and pleasant way.


Podcasts are an excellent, practical and fluid option for those interested in learning new topics, or following up on recurring subjects. This technology is an evolution of radio and certainly helps to optimize time, since it is possible to listen anywhere, anytime.


Artificial Intelligence: AI Podcast

Imagem il

Organized by Lex Fridman, a specialist in machine learning, the podcast covers technology, science and human interactions.

He has already interviewed several important figures in the field, including Noam Chomsky, a famous researcher in the linguistic field, who has a great influence on artificial intelligence.


HumAIn Podcast 

HUmAIn Podcast Cover

The podcast is led by data specialist David Yakobovitch, and is dedicated to the future of work, data science and aspects of artificial intelligence that influence the world. 

The TWIML AI Podcast

The TWIML AI Podcast Cover

Created by Sam Charrington, an AI scholar, the podcast is more focused on machine learning and innovation.

Inside Alana Podcast

Capa do Inside Alana Podcast

The only podcast in Portuguese that is dedicated exclusively to discussions about the role of Artificial Intelligence in the future of global organizations and the relationship between humans and technology.

Café da Manhã | The best and the worst of artificial intelligence (0h29)

Capa do Podcast Café da Manhã com Inteligência Artificial

Café da Manhã made a unique episode that talks about the positive and negative impacts of AI evolution in our society. It featured Raphael Hernandes, a reporter for Folha, and editor of the series on artificial intelligence.

Braincast | The Revolution of Intelligent Machines (1h45)

Capa Braincast A Revolução das Máquinas Inteligentes

The Braincast podcast chatted about the impact of cognitive computing in several areas, including the possibility that an evil artificial intelligence could exist. They also addressed which are the most remarkable AIs of fiction.

CabulosoCast | Artificial Intelligence (2h15)

Capa do CabulosoCast sobre Inteligência Artificial

This podcast on various subjects made a special episode on how the concept of Artificial Intelligence is worked by science fiction literature.




We chose 5 books on artificial intelligence, two for beginners and three more advanced.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: A non-technical approach

Capa do Livro Introdução à Inteligência Artificial

This book by Tom Taulli is an attractive, non-technical reading, with basic and important concepts about AI. It covers machine learning, deep learning, robotics and NLP (natural language processing).

Artificial Intelligence for Lay People

Capa do Livro Inteligência Artificial para Leigos

Intriguing reading for those who want to know the history of AI, data concept, machine learning and information about robots and drones. The authors are John Paul Mueller and Luca Massaron.

Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies

Capa do livro Superintelligence: paths, dangers, strategies

The book was released in 2014, by Nick Bostrom, and argues about what is superintelligence and the possible capacity of machines to overcome human intelligence.


AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

Capa do livro AI Superpowers

This book is very recent, it was just released in 2018, and the author argues about the drastic changes caused by the development of artificial intelligence, and about how the United States and China should have more responsibility due to the technological power that both have.



Movies, TV shows and Documentaries

For those who want to have fun and watch something out of the ordinary, and reality, science fiction films are great options. For those passionate about history, research and concepts, documentaries are the best options.


Science Fiction Films about AI


Mosaico com capas de filmes sobre Inteligência Artificial


1 - A.I. – Artificial Intelligence (2001)

In this film designed by Stanley Kubrick and directed by Steven Spielberg, the relationship between humans and robots is shown from a sentimental perspective. The story is about a human family that has a robot adopted son, David.


2 - I, robot (2004)

The story takes place in 2035, when a scientist is found dead and the main suspect is a robot. The film portrays this relationship between robots employed and their submission to humans, in addition to the danger of them rebelling.


3 - WALL-E (2008)

This animation is a cute story about the robot Wall-e, a garbage compactor, who falls in love with Eva, a robot sent to Earth. Wall-e follows the beloved and ends up stopping on her ship, starting an adventure.


4 - Her (2013)

A writer falls in love with the voice of his computer's new personal assistant, which is IA Samantha, a friendly and sensitive technology.


5 - Ex-Machina (2014)

The film is somewhat daring as it is about a man's love affair with a robot. The story begins when a scientist is chosen to do the Turing test on the robot Ava, to identify if she has a conscience, but he ends up getting involved with her.


6 -The Imitation Game (2014)

In addition to science fiction films, there are some based on real events, such as The Imitation Game, which tells the story of the matemático Alan Turing, his role during the Second World War, and the construction of Bombe, a cryptographic machine.


7 - Interstellar (2014)

Em um futuro bem diferente, que ignora a ciência e a tecnologia, o protagonista do filme se vê em uma situação inusitada: ele se depara com uma inteligência desconhecida, que envia mensagens codificadas e é responsável por guiá-lo até um local estranho, onde começa a aventura.




Séries de TV sobre AI


Cartaz da série de TV WestWorld

The TV show, created by HBO, talks about a futuristic park, which reproduces an Old West and is inhabited by several robots with artificial consciousness, but who think they are human. At WestWorld, human desires, even if bleak, are tolerated, and the machine's learning ability becomes clear as they begin to question their very existence.

Black Mirror

Cartaz da série de TV Black Mirror

Artificial intelligence is approached in different ways and in several episodes. For example: when they use an AI program to speak to someone who has passed away, or when humans have fallen in love with an alternative reality that houses people's consciousness. In addition to the appearance of robot bees, humanoids, augmented reality contact lenses, etc.




Artificial Intelligence Documentaries

Three excellent documentaries on the topic are available on YouTube, in English only.


Mosaico com documentários sobre Inteligência Artificial


1 - The History of Artificial Intelligence

Created by the Futurology channel, the documentary is a compilation of the entire history and origin of artificial intelligence. It also includes an old interview with John McCarthy, one of the leading AI scholars.


2 - AlphaGo - The Movie

This film is the story of how AlphaGo, an artificial intelligence computer program, won over a human in a game of Go. It was developed by DeepMind Technologies, which was later acquired by Google.


3 - The Age of AI

In this original YouTube web series, actor Robert Downey Jr. unveils innovative technologies that will change the future.

Take advantage of free time, or even the journey to work, to learn about the future of technology and how AI can impact the market and benefit brands and businesses, whether in terms of large-scale production, or in relation to customer care.


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