Even though we were far apart, we gathered our team and their families for lunch!

Written by Alana Team
on April 23, 2020

Amidst so much negative news, Alana AI has been working on several initiatives to keep the team engaged and united, even if virtually. To encourage and value moments that are sometimes considered small, especially during the period we are living, all employees were surprised with lunch for the whole family.

The action was held on Friday (04/17) and had many laughs and creativity, after all, diversity in the requests was not lacking! 

Check out below some photos of our team enjoying lunch with their families:

1.There was a cute child-eating salad: 


2. Had a large family with a neat menu:


3. Some let the youngest one choose, and she asked for sushi:


4.Others did not try to hide the children's taste and went with parmigiana with fries:

img_20200417_115816-min-min 5. There were even people copying friends idea:


6. Others did not try to hide the children's taste and went with parmigiana with fries:20200417_140608-min

7. Advantages of living alone: Not having to share food with anyone!


8. Advantages of living together: being able to have lunch together and even sharing a snack at night!


9. Some people guaranteed a dessert that made everyone's mouth water:1-min

10. And of course, some people were so excited, that they forgot to register their lunch…


But that's okay! The most important thing is that we closed the week with a golden key and a more motivated and happy team!






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