Mindfulness and Mental Health for teams in home office

Written by Alana Team
on June 19, 2020

Don't get me wrong, I love my work, I spend hours of my days in front of the computer, but I confess that sometimes it is complicated to stay 100% mentally, even more now with social isolation. That is why I am very grateful to Alana AI for introducing me to the mindfulness technique and also for the initiatives to improve the working environment during this period

With the challenges of everyday life, it's often not easy to keep full attention and the mood at a high level, after all, I'm not a robot. However, but small attitudes can change the perspective. Mindfulness is about that: keeping mental health up to date and dealing with situations in the best possible way.

What is mindfulness?

I recently learned that mindfulness means being attentive and present while I am doing something, but it is much more than that. It is the act of being able to concentrate and deal with situations without getting excited, always keeping a mental state focused on the now, on the solution. It's not letting the mind wander and avoid thoughts that bring anxiety and nervousness.

Another point of learning: mindfulness is something that all of us can apply, it's a skill that can be developed through techniques that work our mentality. 

According to Daniel Goleman, a specialist in emotional intelligence, "attention is a muscle that can be trained", and mindfulness techniques can be the devices of this mental academy.

Alana AI Actions for Healthy Home Office

As soon as social isolation began, I noticed a great concern on the part of everyone to maintain high spirits and focus on mental health.

Although our team is already used to the home office, this time it is mandatory and somewhat uncomfortable, so knowing that the company is looking for ways to help us is comforting!

The support started online and on a beautiful day, I received a surprise package at home. I was got very happy when I opened it and found a beautiful letter, which talked about team unity, health and assured me stability during this period.

Besides, the letter had the announcement of initiatives to help keep  mental health up to date and practice full attention, which were:

  • Reimbursement for psychological care;
  • Reimbursement for the use of Calm meditation applications or Headspace;
  • Sharing books and courses online.

The fact is that I felt very special in receiving such a letter. 

And there was more! I received a Funko that was chosen especially for me, something more beautiful, a Pickle Rick, in addition to a standing supporter, for me to be more comfortable while I work, and a planner who has helped me to maintain the organization of my work and mind.

Imagem exibindo um boneco robô verde sobre uma mesa em frente a um abajur

Besides all that virtual happy hour contact has been important for mental health, relaxation, and contact with the team.

Exercises and benefits of keeping full attention

Practicing mindfulness techniques is a great way to organize the mind and, consequently, have more efficiency when performing activities. Being connected at the moment, with all your attention focused on a certain action, is a guarantee of greater success.

That's why I started to apply some other actions that can help in the practice of full attention for beginners:

  • Create mindfulness reminders on the cell phone or computer;
  • Taking breaks and breathing exercises;
  • Short meditations;
  • Practice positive thinking daily.

If you find it better, choose a mindfulness app to help you practice. Google Chrome has the  Mindful Break, extension, which suggests breaks and exercises during the day.

Companies like Google, for example, have internal programs to teach mindfulness at work and encourage collaborators to practice it.


  1. Reduction of stress and depression
  2. Improvement in insomnia problems
  3. Improves focus and attention
  4. Increases emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and resilience
  5. Greater efficiency and productivity

Companies like Google, for example, have internal programs to teach mindfulness at work and encourage collaborators to practice it.

Alana AI Culture

I am very grateful for everyone's support and encouragement to learn techniques that help both professionally and personally. 

The actions to make everyday life better have indeed made a difference, and I intend to keep the mindfulness apps after I pass the mandatory home office and, who knows, look for more options for meditation apps.

This work culture and constant support are very stimulating. Feeling that I am welcomed by the company at this moment of so many uncertainties is important and gives me peace of mind to keep on developing my work without worrying about it.


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