[Video] Interview with Daniel Castanho, President of Ânima Educação

Written by Alana Team
on October 06, 2020

Education is an extremely important sector for the development of society, and its traditional model, based on the 60s, 70s, and 80s, no longer fits the reality we live in. Innovation is needed, and the Covid-19 pandemic has proven that it is possible to transform education through a digital experience.

Some organizations are already implementing digital business models that are likely to be adopted permanently.

In this web series, Patrícia Meirelles, ambassador of Alana AI, spoke with leaders from some sectors to understand how innovation impacts the experience of consumers. 

The first guest is Daniel Castanho, chairman of the board of Ânima Educação, and passionate about changing the country through education. For 15 years leading initiatives at Ânima, at the beginning of the pandemic, he faced the challenge of transforming the teaching of more than 100 thousand face-to-face students online.

Check out how technology is changing the service - and experience - in the area of ​​education.


Online classes are key to engaging students

In the current world scenario, distance learning (DL) has become indispensable and has shown that it can be successfully implemented. 

For Daniel, the future will be hybrid and, instead of distance-learning versus face-to-face, there will be a concept of omni learning, where you can attend from home a class that is happening in person at the university, for example.

In addition to online classes, it is possible to include several technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to be a test correction assistant and to analyze student performance, or even incorporate a simple video call with specialists in certain class subjects during the class.

Digital is also extremely important for the concept of Lifelong learning, as we mentioned in the episode AI & Humans for Education, of the second season of Inside Alana Podcast.


Changes in omnichannel educational platforms

In the past, the main business model in the education sector was the delivery of content, and so large groups grew through the creation and sale of handouts. In short, academic information was condensed into these materials.

Nowadays everything is available online, anyone can search the internet and read about a certain subject. 

On the other hand, the presence of a teacher as someone who transforms information into knowledge is essential. For this reason, innovation in teaching methods has become common, to make the student a protagonist and the teacher a mediator.

Daniel explained that in the past the goal was to deliver content, and today the school tends to be a place that generates experience and helps in the formation of personal skills.

Humanized and automated service

As in other sectors, service in education needs to be careful and empathetic, and many companies in the sector use automation to facilitate the volume of support and sales of new courses.

There must be a balance, and so some tasks considered simple must be automated so that people are engaged in other types of projects.

In education, the class itself is like a service, because that moment is a service that is being offered to the student, and technology as a whole manages to maximize the role of the teacher. 

Daniel believes that the teacher and the technology add up and aggregate, and affirms the importance of the human presence to guarantee questions, care, and attention with the students.



In this new scenario, all activities that can be replaced by automation must be, so that humans can assume new positions, more strategic.


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