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Family lunch: Alana AI's multicultural team

Written by Alana Team
on September 10, 2020

The organizational culture is an extremely important point for the Alana AI team. Since most of the team works remotely, it is essential to create moments for employees to share a little of their lives.

Also, family moments of relaxation are highly valued and encouraged. 

Therefore, last Friday, September 4, the second edition of the Alana family lunch took place, where each employee received a voucher per person from the family to order a special lunch. 

One of the biggest benefits of the home office is being able to spend more time with the family and have quality moments with loved ones, even with the busy day-to-day work. The purpose of the lunch was not only to take a moment of leisure but also to thank everyone for their dedication and families for supporting our team.


Where are Alana AI collaborators from?

The lunch also showed how multicultural the Alana AI team is. In addition to employees who reside in São Paulo, where our headquarters is located, we have employees and families from different regions of Brazil, from North to South, and also with employees who live outside the country, such as in Colombia.

IMG_20200904_123634Image from iOS-1

     Alana lunch 1IMG-20200904-WA0001

When it comes to gastronomy, we also see that the team has very diverse tastes. The chosen dishes were of the most varied types. What do our collaborators feed on? Let's go to the Alana AI team menu.

Direct from Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, one of the collaborators chose a sophisticated tuna with sesame crust.




Others preferred a shrimp stew, full of oil palm, from Salvador.



Another representative from the North didn't leave it to be desired and chose a beautiful barbecue with tropeiro beans and vinaigrette.



In addition to it, we also had a beautiful roasted pig in the Midwest.

Alana lunch 2

A dish difficult to pronounce in the South: the Gebratener Schaft (baked ham, in good old Portuguese). This one was even entitled to the typical costumes.


Familia Fritz


Of course, we can't help but talk about the special participation of our pet companions:

Some of them even demanded to appear in the photo:



Others preferred to cover human working hours:



And this lucky one got a sachet. Very fancy!

                   IMG_20200904_155719381 IMG_20200904_155534223

Awarded dishes

To close the team's special lunch, we also had a game to award the best dishes in 11 symbolic categories, including the most beautiful dish, fluffiest family, best costume, best dessert and best set. Which do you think they won?

Long live the Alana AI team!



personagens escrevendo




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